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Last night we worked more on the mat.  Clicking and treating when they are on the mat, asking for a down on the mat, walking away from the mat and them staying, rewarding when they are on the down.  
Next was using a plastic lid as the touch.  I haven't been working on this at home so it took a while to get him hitting the lid but as we were all working independently we got there by the time Barb came by.  She wasn't very useful just wanted to chit chat about the weekend and not what I'm doing with the dog.  Next was A frame, its at about 5 feet in height, we were working on run throughs and them stopping for the plastic touch lid, clicking 3 times and rewarding on the lid.  Eventually we will work on getting the 2 on 2 off stance.  The dog runs the contact obsticle landing on the far side to a position where the back two legs are still on the contact of the obsticle and the front two are off on the ground.  The reason for this is safety, you don't want the dog launching off above the yellow zone and hurting themselves.  Train that they go all the way to the end and THEN get released is for their benefit.  Corvey did very well on the A frame.  Next we worked independently once again with the jumps.  Practicing over and moving into a front cross and pushing them over the jump the other direction a figure 8 is formed.  We did well but then Corvey spotted the McNab and he ran off.  I did well to stay away from that dog because I find him to be agressive to all of Corveys play body language cues.  Last we ran a jump into the tunnel which was at a 90 degree bend, over a jump directly ahead, call for the dog to come over to the side using a front cross and back into the tunnel.  Corvey carried on much further than the jump but did come back when called.  

Feb 18

Tonight we worked on the blanket command again.  Trying to get the dog to go to the mat.  Lots of clicking for any contact with the mat. The idea is that you are training a command where the dog knows the mat is where you go and good things happen.  Corvey has this idea about 80%.  I have already been training that the command 'stairs' means you run onto the stair case and THERE is where we put on your leash because you are going to be going outside.  Now when we go to leave the dogs know that they aren't going anywhere so just hang back as we leave.  What a relief. 
Corvey showed lots of drive running through the weave poles that are set up about 6 inches wide.  He runs straight through the path and doesn't pop out. 
We also worked on sending to the tunnel and doing a front cross to the other hand.  Start with the dog on your left, send them into the tunnel.  As they exit out the far side you step back with your right foot, pivot step forward with the left and then follow through with the right so that the dog should now be on your right side. 
I almost got mad and quit at this point.  The other Aussie and the McNab owners were letting their dogs run amok in the yard and I was fighting to get Corveys attention.  The instructor has not got control of the class and I was not getting the assistance I needed.  Hello people show some respect to others in the class.  The McNab finally figured it out that for the rest of the hour I was clicking and treating Corvey for ignoring his dog and looking at me.  The moment he looked at me I click and give him bacon.  So it pays better to give me all the attention.  This means that this week I need to go to Dog Park and repeat this lesson so that he GETS IT.down pat.  There is only so much that the class can cover and all the new people are such drag on getting further. 
Jumping - everyone set up at one jump.  The other AS of course followed me and kept trying to cross so I moved further out.  working both left and right side with the jump set to only 8 inches getting him to drive over it where I am pushing him forward and he is offering to take the jump before I get there.  Then doing front crosses.  I was pleased with the progress but as this was toward the end of the class Corvey was tired and even the bacon help after he got bored.  I did work him a few times on the teeter as he is shy on this and I kept clicking his progress along to the end.  He knew enough to do the nose touch at the end as well.


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Agility this week for Corvey was good.  We worked on Barb holding the dog and my going to the end of 4 jumps to get Corvey to jump all and come to me.  He is so FAST.  Still unsure about the teeter though.  I need to make one here to practice with.  He is still very gregarious and that isn't good for other handlers. 
We then were left on our own to work a 3 trick sequence of our own choice.  Start with the end one.  Which for me was a down,  Get the dog doing that correctly then add the second choice.  I chose an around circle going back on my right side and ending up with a sit on the left. The first choice was a through where he passes through and behind my legs to my right side.  We really weren't given much in the way of hands on and just struggled through. 
I just wish this class were more focused.  I keep feeling that it goes all over the place.

January 28th

Corvey was thrilled to FINALLY get to go to Agility with me.  Its a shame that only an hour before class he got into my dough that was rising on the countertop and ate 1/2 a loaf of raw dough.  He really couldn't even be tempted by bacon as a treat because his belly hurt.  There was a guy who I knew I had seen on TV with a McNab, he is a Frisbee dog trainer.  He is also an Aussie Rescue person.  I swear if felt like a set up, he just happens to have a young blue merle female... NO, I AM NOT.  Anyway the McNab, Sundance and Corvey hit it off immediately.  Much of the time Corvey was trying to get to play, at the end of class Corvey, the female aussie, & Sundance had a chase party.
This week we worked on tunnels that curve.  Corvey wasn't hot on the idea but he eventually got ahold of himself and ran through them.  His walking on the teeter is tentative, he understood the need to touch the plastic circle at the end but didn't really want the rewards.  We also worked on handling for front crosses, a change of direction requiring the handler to step backwards and reverse.  This is to get the dog to change direction and move to the opposite hand of the handler.  I also practiced on the tire. 
I need to start working on more tricks using the clicker to engage Corvey as he is getting bored with the tricks he knows.  Down, Sit, Circle behind me to end up on my left side, and through my akimbo legs to end up on my right, he also knows touch, go ahead, and has a very good recall. 

Nov 25

Corvey November 25
Running with toy in closest hand and having the dog held, call the dog while running and keeping him on the side with the toy.  Let him catch it and play.  This is to get the dog to see that there are different signals for each side. 
Recall from a distance, he comes very easily to his name.  Thrilled to get to me and make me happy.
Through command very good alone, using hand behind the back with the lure within folded fingers

December 17

Tonight in class we ran the tunnel.  First time on my left Corvey was at full speed parallel with me but dodged the entrance.  repeated for a success.  2x on the Left, 2x on the right.  Next we practiced putting them into the tunnel ahead of me and a rear cross on the tunnel.  Barb said I was doing something wrong.  She went to the far side of the tunnel and he ran to get his teddy bear toy.  Every time after that he was very successful running ahead full force and I was able to rear cross easily.  It was a new experience to have a dog RUSH ahead with drive and then my ability to recall him to either side.  He is so much fun.  Next we worked on a clicker behavior, starting from the right side facing behind me with my clicker in the right, the lure in the left I reach behind me to get his attention with my left hand and he is to circle behind me ending up on my left.  In obedience this is called a finish. In Kohler method we included a step to the rear with the right leg that pulled the leash and you would pull them forward and you would pull them around.  Corvey got the idea right away, by the third time he was circling me very well.  I'm using my right hand as a visual clue.  Moving it behind me, and I click as I see Corvey coming around to my left and I reward after I click.  He was circling me without even having to bend over. I threw in a couple 'Through' commands as well.  Later when we were waiting for the teeter he actually bumped into the center of my legs trying to volunteer a through for fun if only I would work with him.  We took turns having them jump over two evenly spaced jumps set at 4 inches there was a bumper in the front.  Barb held him by the collar, he was so eager to come over to me, once he got past being distracted by the smaller dogs.  Oh the Weinerimer was absent from class tonight.  Lets see there is Casie the blue merle, Red the Scotty, Peanut a terrier and his handler is Mary, a Cairn terrier, and the female tri aussie whose name I can't recall. 
Teeter work was good considering we had missed last week because of the guild.  He isn't afraid of the board he just doesn't get the concept that the object is to stay on it all the way to the end and stay on it.  First attempt was on my right.  I keep clicking too early and luring with my hand to the target circle on the end.  I admit I didn't do ANY target homework this week and still he got it.  Next time on the left he stayed closer but I was moving too fast. 
We rocked on the table.  It was the first time for the class but a no brainer because the table is where Corvey gets breakfast at home.  I send him to the table and then ask for a sit, count off a 5 count and then release with an OK and give him his bowl.  We were to get all 4 paws on the table and then click, move around the table clicking from all directions and reward remaining on the table.  Give the release word 'OK" and move quickly off the table for another click and reward. 
Homework included figure 8's around two objects with front crosses in the middle. 
Get a down with a verbal no physical cue. 
Don't add a word for the 'heel' until it is offered voluntary by the dog. 
Pick one word for any single action,  Down is for the motion of dropping from a stand first the front of the body and then the butt. Off is for keeping Corvey from jumping up and touching me or anyone.  Stairs is required that the dogs go to the staircase in order to get leashes placed on.  Right now Corvey is LUNGEING into the slip lead as if it were the lottery won.